Super Nanny Saves The Senate


I have heard of two possible heirs to the seat about to be vacated by New York Senator Hilary Clinton, one that sounds at least plausible, the other laughable at best.  Fran Drescher that nasally toned actress who graced television screens a few years back as a domestic goddess has announced that she has her eye on the prize.  One would hope that her political saavy is better than the one she exhibited as The Nanny.  By the way, did you know that she was in the cast of the motion picture Saturday Night Fever?  She played the role of “Connie”.  Sorry I don’t know anymore beyond that.  For all of you This Is Spinal Tap fans, Ms. Drescher played Bobbi Flekman.  Of course, she could be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger and be the next politician whose voice you cannot stand. Although she could take her aspirations beyond the governator.  I’m glad I do not live in New York.  By the way, another possible candidate is the totally unknown Caroline Kennedy.

2 thoughts on “Super Nanny Saves The Senate”

  1. Hmmm could be worse. I remember that show and her voice was annoying. With all the stuff going on in today’s political world, I’m really beginning to wonder if anyone can do much to change the direction of the Washington Political Machine.

    Time will tell.

  2. Hopefully that voice was exaggerated for the character – think I saw her on something since and it was. I think Caroline Kennedy is a shoo-in, but not because of her credentials. I don’t even know what those may be, and I doubt voters in NY do either.

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