Sanctuary From Pains


It came as a great shock to me to learn that one of the supporting actors of one of my favorite shows growing up had gone missing.  Today, after a week long search, his body was found.  Joshua Andrew Koenig played Richard “Boner” Stabone the best friend of Mike Seever (played by Kirk Cameron) on Growing Pains.

I’m not sure if I did not know the actor’s name or just did not make the connection, but I just learned Monday that Andrew was the son of Walter Koenig who played Ensign Pavel Chekov on the original Star Trek television series.  Andrew also has another tie to Trekdom.  He played the role of  Tumak on the Deep Space NineSanctuary.”

May He watch over the family of this young man in their time of remorse.

4 thoughts on “Sanctuary From Pains”

  1. I was very sad when I learned that they had found his body – news of suicides always affect me, even if I didn’t know the person. I was worried that the discovery of his body is what made his parents suddenly leave Larry King’s studios before their interview w/o telling anyone where they were going…
    Very sad – I pray for his family and that his story helps to inspire others to seek help rather than turn to suicide.

  2. Same here. Just don’t know what to think when I hear someone has taken their own life. From what I understand, the parents felt like they were a burden when they were scheduled to be on the show at a certain point and kept being pushed back. Yes, hopefully people can hear the story and draw strength.

    “Show me that smile again. Don’t waste another minute on your cryin.’ We’re nowhere near the end. The best is ready to begin.”

  3. Definitely tragic when someone reaches the point of taking one’s own life. I’m glad (all of) you didn’t play up his character’s name on Growing Pains like people reporting on this elsewhere.

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