Help Wanted


Well… it seems that Oscar is in need of a host once again.  Yesterday, amid scandal and controversy the producer of next year’s Academy Award extravaganza Brett Ratner backed out of his duties.  Shortly after, Eddie Murphy stepped down as host.  This morning, I heard two possible contenders being promoted (two being rather subjective).  On GMA, there was a huge push for the soon to be returning to the silver screen Muppets to take the gig.  What a boon that would be!  An instant band for the evening courtesy of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.  Comedy provided by Fozzie Bear.  Joan Rivers could be joined on the red carpet by the queen of fashion, Miss Piggy.  The Oscar parties could be catered by the Swedish Chef.  Gonzo could do…. Whatever.  Even heckling would be provided by the masters, Statler and Waldorf.  And of course, your Master of Ceremonies…. Kermit The Frog.  YAAAAAAAAAAA!  I cannot wait for the movie to open in time for the holidays.  There is even an on-line push for the Muppets chance at the gig

Later during my morning cup of cocoa (boy it is starting to feel like November), Regis jokingly threw his hat in the ring.  Of course, after next Friday, the Reege will have plenty of time to devote following the final episode of his 28 year run on his morning program.  I don’t know where they will possibly come up with a worthy successor to his charming, acerbic wit.  Maybe even an unknown… Mr. Philbin’s memoir is soon to be on bookshelves everywhere.  Of course, he is “JUST MOVING ON!” and NOT actually retiring.  If memory serves, Regis did serve as the host of a pre-Oscar show a few years ago and did take over on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve after Dick Clark suffered a stroke.  Maybe he should step up to the big show?

Or… dare I say… combine the two.

5 thoughts on “Help Wanted”

  1. Combine the two – you mean Regis and the Muppets? I don’t know about that… Regis does not seem like the humorous type. I don’t know if they could get a live show together with the Muppets in 3 months – lots of things to get ready; that just seems impossible. But I think it would be VERY fun and entertaining! What’s the scandal with the producer? Why did Eddie Murphy back out? Oh, and did you mean to put a link above after “gig” maybe? 🙂

  2. I dunno. The news seemed rather adamant about it. (of course, ABC and the Muppets are both affiliated with Disney) Hmm… I guess I could have put the like after “gig” but either way it point remains the same.

  3. I guess Eddie and the producer are pals. Ratner directed Murphy’s latest movie, Tower Heist. So maybe his exiting the hosting role was a show of support.

  4. Sorry Muppet fans, but it looks like Billy Crystal is back 🙁 Maybe there will be a presenter’s spot open. Just let the Franco/Hathaway debacle be long forgotten.

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