Bad Karma


As I recently learned there is New Kids on the Block reunion tour; however, one group you will probably not be seeing soon is Culture Club, that wonderfully odd 1980s pop group led by the ultra-colorful, ultra-fruity George O’Dowd (more commonly referred to as Boy George).  Boy was planning a 30-day United States tour to begin on July 10 (thank goodness, no unwanted surprises).  However, he was denied a visa due to charges  that accused him of “falsely imprisoning a Norwegian male escort”.  Please tell me how it would not be false to imprison another person.  Although he plead not guilty to the charges, the US government still denied the cross-dressing performer the visa.

Culture Club enjoyed their (what now seems much too long) 15 minutes of fame with songs such as Karma Chameleon.  I think there were a few other successful songs but obviously less familiar.  Yet another group that seemed good when you were about 10 years old that make you shake your head and wonder why.

Has he not been in trouble with the law before.  If memory serves, he was sentenced to community service a few years ago and seen picking up garbage?  I do recall the Broadway musical Taboo that he wrote the lyrics to and Rosie O’Donnell financed a few years ago that lasted entirely too long.  A good suggestion for any theatre group.

I suppose if you live across the Atlantic, you could catch Mr. George on his United Kingdom tour.

4 thoughts on “Bad Karma”

  1. No thanks. I wouldn’t go see CC if they were performing 5-min. away. Didn’t know about George’s legal woes, but it looks like I won’t have to worry about it. Just curious, how many 60s performers continued to do concerts in the 80s? It seems like an overwhelming amount of 80s performers are still doing shows these days. Nearly every year some of the less successful ones appear at a local festival. We’ve had Survivor, Twisted Sister, and others in the past. This year we have Dennis DeYoung and Night Ranger.

  2. Lets see… did The Rolling Stones not have their geriatric tour a few years ago? Every once and a while the Beach Boys reappear on tour (of course I believe they recruit new members). But yet again everything old becomes older again. I agree wholeheartedly definitely NOT a birthday present I would want.

  3. Police are allowed to imprison others and its considered not false… you wanted to know…
    And play reading committee meets on Sunday, so go ahead and bring up Taboo – that’s a good idea for WCCT 😉

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