AHHHH… Paris In Chicago In The Fall Is Lovely


I have previously discussed the number of famous (and infamous) celebrities that have gone through the revolving door that is the long-running revival of the musical Chicago. I still have my suspicions that the sole reason it is still continuing to attract crowds is its ability to draw tourists to see the latest headline grabber or long since faded has been attempting to step on stage. The latest addition is almost enough to make one lose their faith in the theatre (i am not one but…). Paris Hilton was offered the chance to assume the role of Roxie Hart. However, she has been swamped with so many other Broadway roles that she had to graciously turn down the offer. Some of those include (but are not limited to) The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas and The Great American Trailer Park Musical. I’m sure that there are other shows befitting the millionairess.

In actuality, the hotel princess had to decline when she found out that she would actually have to do something and learn lines that contained words that she never knew existed. Words beyond her usual utterances of: “That’s HOT… He’s Hot… She’s Hot… Everyone’s Hot.” She also found the six-day weeks quite rigorous and couldn’t possibly fit them into her active schedule. Poor Princess.

But can the producers come up with any better (or not so much better) casting decisions… please give your advice, someone may actually read the blog and follow it (even those reading from Sweden, Japan, and other far off countries) It seems to me that nearly everyone has had a tour of the windy city.

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Strangely enough, Miss Hilton is reportedly being featured in the newest edition of Guinness Book of World’s RecordsĀ  as “The Most Overrated Celebrity.”

2 thoughts on “AHHHH… Paris In Chicago In The Fall Is Lovely”

  1. ugh, that’s sickening. Guinness used to be reputable and interesting, but in the last 10 years, they’ve totally cheapened their records, in my opinion. Didn’t know Paris Hilton can sing, didn’t care. It’ll be fun to see what she does with herself as an old lady.

  2. Ditto… I had no idea she had an album (saying that she can sing well is pushing it… anyone can sing… just some better than others or some choose not to). She will probably live off her millions until they run out and then who knows what.

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