True Life Tragedy Inspires A Hero’s Creation


I recently came across an article containing information I have not previously known. It seems that one of my favorite characters in pop culture (most of my readers know who I am speaking of)was seemingly created in the wake of a mystery on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio. On Thursday June 2, 1932, Mitchell Siegel, a Jewish immigrant from Lithuania was in a secondhand clothing store. Three men entered the store. One asked to see a suit and left the store without paying for it. In the commotion, Siegel collapsed and died. The police report stated that one gunshot was fired. However, the coroner’s report stated that the man died of an apparent heart attack. The robber fled the scene and was never caught.

Mitchell Siegel, age 60, was the father of Jerome Siegel one of the two teenagers who created Superman !!!

Comics writer Brad Meltzer has penned a fictional tale in the tradition of The Da Vinci Code that intriguingly connects this mystery with the fratricide of Kane and Abel: The Book of Lies.

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