Last Saturday night,  because the temperature wasn’t too bad, we went for an evening family walk and took the kids to Walgreens for milk.  Even at just 6:00, it was already completely dark outside, and a dense fog was starting to settle in, so Hubby and I decided it was a perfect night to watch a scary movie.  The only thing is that we watch A LOT of horror movies, and most of them just aren’t scary anymore.  Call it desensitization to the horror, or maybe it’s the fact that we have 4 kids and it’s difficult to find something scarier than say, 3 of them being wide awake at midnight or someone taking off their dirty diaper and making a mess with it.  But whatever the reason, it’s hard to find a movie that will actually scare either of us.

While we were trying to choose a suitable scary movie, we came across Stephen King’s IT.  My  husband was skeptical, but I was certain it would be terrifying, so we gave it a try.  And I was right, well partially right anyway – the first time Pennywise the horror clown was shown on the screen, it was so creepily done that my husband grabbed ME and not the other way around – which was only actually because I couldn’t even watch it; it was so scary!  Unfortunatley, my husband was no longer scared once Pennywise began to talk, but I was creeped out by the entire movie…  well, at least until the end, when the big showdown scene completely disappointed me and took away my fear – that’s all I’ll say, don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen IT.

I like to research movies that I watch; I look them up on to see if I’m correct when I recognize actors from other movies.  When I looked up IT, I came across information that pointed to the theatrical release of an IT remake in the near future – I’m there!!

I think I might want to read Stephen King’s IT the novel first before I see the remake maybe; I’ve been thinking about what to read after I finish the 2nd Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  It’s going kind of slowly for me; I think I’m ready for a break from Hogwarts – some Stephen King should do the trick!  Then again, maybe not, I’ve been  having enough trouble sleeping as it is – matter of fact, I go in for a sleep study later today.  That’s all I need is to get my sleep problems under control and then give myself nightmares by reading scary books…  But anyway, wish me luck – I’m a little nervous about the study (I don’t know what I do in my sleep, and I don’t know how I feel about strangers knowing what I do when I sleep – that’s kind of personal!  Plus I’m going to miss my family like crazy and worry about them.  I hate sleeping in hospitals, but at least in the past, I’ve had a newborn baby to cuddle!).

Click here if you want to do more reading about the IT remake – but keep in mind that this article complains about the same spoiler at the end of IT that I hated, so if you don’t want to know what happens, don’t read it!  And one more thing…  I thought Tim Curry was just excellent in IT.  He was unrecognizable, which was probably part of the charm!

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  1. I like Tim Curry (Clue, Home Alone 2… we won’t mention arguably his most famous role, but let’s just say that WCCT did the stage version a while back). I will definitely read IT before seeing the movie.

    Good luck with your sleep study. I know it will be hard to leave your family, but hopefully it will help your sleep.

  2. Good luck with your sleep study Lisa. Let me know how it turns out. Hopefully they’ll be able to help you sleep better.

  3. Yes, good luck on the sleep study! I know when you have it done at Hicksville, they have a special room with a real bed and more natural lighting without the “institutional fluorescent” lights. Hopefully it’s done close to the same way there so you can be comfortable…or at least as comfortable as you can be with wires and stuff hooked to ya!

    As for IT….that’s an older movie. I remember watching many moons ago. I couldn’t believe my beloved John Boy was in such a scary movie! But I’m with you….it was a good scary movie. Another kind of eerie scary movie that I have always is enjoyed is “The Others” with Nicole Kidman.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion; haven’t seen The Others yet. We really like The Orphanage (same sort of title, so I used to mix up the two), but you have to read subtitles – well worth it though.
    And thanks for your good wishes – it went… well, let’s just say I’m back in one piece and you call that a bed?!? More about that in a future blog post, hopefully 😉

  5. Of course, the movie jamiahsh alluded to in the first comment is in for a remake as well…

    I guess C’s reaction to Pennywise is why some of the more infamous slasher villains never open their mouths. I saw it a such long time ago all I remember is that face and a paper boat.

  6. Ah- you mentioned it! 😯
    Yes, that’s the one. There is actually a movie stub for the remake on IMDB. If it is accurate, it will be coming out this year on the small screen. I never thought it was Clue- I don’t remember hearing of WCCT doing something like that, but I do remember them doing The RHS at the same time as Idol.

  7. Here I thought you were making a joke… we tossed around Clue in the play reading committee, and it was a show that C and I were heavily pushing before we got, er um, decided to step back from theater. Seems like it’d be a good money maker with the name recognition from the movie, the board game, and now the movie remake, and also it’s audience participation which sounded like fun. Might have to check out both the old and new versions of the movie – I don’t remember liking it all that much, but it seems like I would so I’ll have to try it again.
    And as for Rocky… yes, the local theater did it and begged C to be in it – one of the wisest show rejections we’ve ever made…

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