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Yes, I realize you may be getting tired of my Nook posts. But I am discovering new things about it all of the time.

The kind folks that do the programming for the Nook gave it a few updates recently. I don’t really play the games, but I did find the web browser useful in scanning my email. Don’t think I will use it to reply to email, but reading it was fine. That is not what I wanted to write about.

This summer Barnes and Noble is running a free e-book promotion. Go to a B-N store with your Nook or some other electronic gear with the free Nook reader installed, and you can get a free e-book. Since I was picking up my daughter in Fort Wayne, I stopped to get the free e-book. And then I noticed there was a coupon on my Nook. I could go up to the coffee bar and get a free 7-layer bar. Not knowing exactly what it was, I went over to find out. It was a chocolate/coconut desert bar. Very tasty. So in addition to more reading than I will ever be able to finish, I get desert with my nook. Who know what it will be next time I am in.

As far as the free book. I haven’t read it yet, I was still reading the Friday Free Ebook. Someday maybe I will buy an ebook, but not yet. 😉

And of course while visiting a B-N store, you can read ebooks for free. They even tell me that your place is saved for the next time you go in.

And I also heard that more libraries are getting into e-book lending. I think I will have a full summer of reading ahead of me.

10 thoughts on “Not just a book reader”

  1. So can you get ANY book on the Nook? How about Jack Hanna’s treasure, Monkeys on the Interstate? Highly recommended for any zoo aficionado / animal lover…

  2. Unfortunately, you can’t get just any book on the Nook, the Sony Reader or the Kindle. Some author’s do not want their books to be made into e-books. Some older books (published before e-books and electronic publishing) have not been digitized yet. I couldn’t find “Monkeys on the Interstate” as an e-book yet.

  3. Darn it! I’m just starting to accept how much we spent on my laptop, and there was the upgrade to the DSi XL, and now I’m starting to want a Nook. The “problem” is, darling husband would probably buy one for me, and we’re supposed to be *saving* money, not spending it on electronics for me. Can’t you find something wrong with it? 🙂

  4. dearest little Draclet, wait my dear. Patience is a virtue and the prices will probably come down by Christmas.. Well maybe. You could probably download the free reader to your computer.

  5. taylhis, That is something. She was one author that wasn’t going to release the books in Ebook format. There is a little part of me that says she is only doing it for the money. I hope this is not the case..

  6. I did say ONLY. 😉 I’m sure it there is money, but I was hoping it had something to do with what fans of the book want.

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