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I have a 1992 version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Lost World”. I tend to like movies about dinosaurs, especially campy ones. Rubber dinosaurs, stop action clay dinosaurs, lizards with frills attached are all good fun. Newer movies with good CGI effects are also fun for me. The movie I have is more of the rubber dinosaur type. If you now of the book, John Rhys Davies is Professor Challenger. I’ve like most of the movies with Mr Davies, and so far this is no exception. He is as bombastic and egotistical as the book. I don’t remember the story having a kid along, but he hasn’t got on my nerves too much yet. My biggest problem with the story so far is that they moved the location of lost world from the Amazon to the heart of Africa. I’m still curious as to why that was changed, but I guess it doesn’t make much difference. More on this after I finish watching.

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  1. Ok, fun campy movie, but they destroyed Doyle’s work. The only thing the story kept was the name, and a volcanic plateau. Argh…. I’d like to know when they take a movie to Hollywood, why do they have to rewrite the whole thing.

  2. I remember Davies from the TV show, Sliders. This was one of the many franchises Sci-Fi Channel ruined after getting the rights. I think I read somewhere that Sci-Fi is actually run by someone who does not personally like science fiction- kind of an odd choice to run a science-fiction station and might explain why it runs so many shows into the ground.

    Davies played the professor, the main protagonist’s (who invented the “sliding” machine that slid them through parallel Earths) college physics teacher.

  3. Davies was also in the Indiana Jones Series (1 and 3), and in one of my favorite movie spoofs of Indiana Jones, King Solomon’s Mine (first Allen Quartermain). It was fun watch King Solomon’s Mine as a spoof, and the point was proven when Allen was dragged behind a train, instead of a truck.

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