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I’ve only been blogging for a little while, but I’ve been reading blogs for longer than they’ve been called blogs. While I won’t say I created the internet, I’ve been on it since for a very long time. So now I’m asking the question what makes an interesting Blog? Of course, since this is my blog, I’m going to answer that question too. At least in my opinion. 😉

The first thing that draws my attention to a blog is the person who writes it. I don’t hop from blog site to blog site looking for blogs to read. My personal preference, but to each their own. The second is content. Here I will do searches and sometimes find blogs that fit my search. If they have good content, I will read them. Are they accurate if it is an informational blog? Funny if a humorous blog? Clever, fun, easy to read, catches the eye, interesting. All these play a role in the content of the blog. Finally, blog personality. How does the person writing the blog ‘sound’? Do they seem like a person I could get along with, or get in an argument with (I like a good argument every now and again)? Does the blogger seem real?

That’s it one paragraph on what makes a good blog for me. And I have found them. Check my blog links, they are some good ones. Unfortunately, one of my favorite blogs is no longer in existence. My nephew wrote a blog years ago, but for some reason gave it up. Some of the most interesting reading I’ve ever seen, from a person I only thought I knew. His blog was everything a good blog should be.

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  1. Now, no fair bringing up a good blog without posting the link! If the site no longer exists, then what was the URL anyway? I could always look it up on the wayback machine at archive.org.

  2. derek, I could give you the URL, but I know for a fact that his blog is nowhere to be found. He’s into computers and very good at what he does. He made sure to erase as many traces of his blog as he could. I have a hard time as it is finding his current location, and I’m not too shabby when it comes to web searches.

  3. Arte y Pico??? Is this good thing? First site I found with that looks to be in Spanish. I only know English, COBOL, C, C++, APL, Fortran, Java and a few other programming languages…. The translation by Google left a bit to be desired. Looks like more of an Artsy/Crafty award. I know I’m not Arsty. I’ve been told that I’m crafty, but I don’t think it’s the same thing.

    Translated correctly, my dear wife would have loved that site. She was Artsy/Crafty…

  4. come on John, you are artsy in your writing. Everybody who can write and think is creative!
    Stella had the site translated for me, on yahoo or so, so now I know what it means. I hope. I guess 🙂

    See it as an ode to your dear wife!


  5. I also have to feel a personal connection with the blog author. I don’t actually search for blogs, I just stumble upon them (sort of like I did with yours, LOL). Interesting post.

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