To guide thoughts


Today I started something on this computer that would allow me to channel my thoughts in a more productive way. You see, with everything going on in my life I needed something to prevent me from going down a dark path. In any event, I decided to try using speech recognition on my computer. Instead of typing this post, I decided to dictate it.

This actually takes a great deal more concentration my usual typing. When I am typing, I am able to correct words as I type. With speech recognition, corrections are made after the sentence is finished.

The tutorial suggests that the speech recognition will learn my voice the more I speak to it. As far as I can tell, the best part about this is that spelling is usually perfect. (unless I mispronounce the word 😉 )

So thank you for letting me get a little negative energy out.

Unfortunately, I had to use wordpad to dictate my post.

3 thoughts on “To guide thoughts”

  1. Yes, we gave speech recognition a try a few years ago but didn’t like it. Maybe it has come a long way or maybe our house is still too loud for something like that. I kind of enjoy typing, myself, though I can’t do it one-handed, so speech recog. would be nice for the one-handed posting times.

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