This and that, and something else


The Graduation and Wedding days are fast approaching. There was an award banquet, and during the weekend one of my daughter’s wedding showers. Since my oldest threw the shindig, I got to drive my youngest to the party. I was supposed to have a day playing laser tag, but that was canceled. Too bad.

I’ve been a bit tired the past couple of weeks. Sometimes I wonder why. Then I think again and I’m wondering how I can spend as many hours awake as I do. Maybe things will so down, or not.

I have been able to get some ‘down time’ in. I’ve seen a couple of movies and was able to see the current play at WCCT. I’ve been listening to some ball games. I spent some time with friends and family. That is all good.

I’ve read that taylhis will be taking a bit of a blogging break, I guess I’ve been doing the same thing. I do want to keep some of my readers up to date on the various events with my girls, so I have some things I will need to blog about. So maybe not a total break. Star Trek review coming up….

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  1. Down time is a good thing. I’ve already gotten to watch more baseball than I was able to ALL last season somehow… but I can’t figure out why. I feel much more busy this year and I have an additional kid, hmmm…
    Wedding day is getting VERY close!

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