Tapped a powder keg…


I made an entry on another site yesterday and noticed a spike in my readers. There really was nothing new to this, the other site seems to be a curious bunch and when I post, my blog readership does spike for a day or two

I did something a little out of the ordinary for me, I begged for readers outside of my blog. Spike city, and I also got additional responses!!!

One of the reasons I started this blog, was a chance to communicate with more people. If nobody responds, I’m not communicating, just writing. So I welcome all newcomers.

For anyone new, most of the time I write about things that interest me. My interests vary widely and can be influenced by responses…. I’ve been into computer communication since the time of 300 baud acoustic modems. I started sharing Dungeons and Dragons hints and stuff like that in the late 70’s early 80’s. Then I got into it for work related functions and finally with this blog back to fun again.

Pick an interest, and I may write about it.

1) new/old movies tv shows (Things I’ve seen, or things I won’t and why)
2) Books (I like books, do you have any suggestions? I don’t read romance, just a quirk of mine)
3) Science News, mostly space related, but that is just a starting point
4) Odd News the odder the better in my book
5) cooking, I like to find new recipes. All sorts
6) Family – I have one and I like them
7) Friends – They are the family you pick
8 ) Hobbies and other pastimes
9) The trials, tears and other feelings about being a Widower and only parent
10) Life – thinking about it and living it

Notice I didn’t put up anything about religion or politics. I was always taught that it is almost impossible to have polite conversation in those areas, unless everyone agrees with my Father. Since he is no longer around to moderate those conversations, and I’m not in the mood to moderate them, I guess they won’t happen here.

Enjoy, and be welcome.

7 thoughts on “Tapped a powder keg…”

  1. Had to say Hi!
    from the other site—–Curious bunch that we are and trying to connect with people who get it.Just got home from Tricks and Treats with my kids.Long drive home and too keyed up to sleep,thanks John for your post and blog.I read once in awhile and find your interests interesting.

  2. Hi

    Just checking in from the other site. Thank you for posting your blog. I have a tater tot hotdish that is perfect for all those school events. I received a call from the coach of the football team requesting I make it for a upcoming event. My youngest boy graduated 3 years ago. LOL! It is great and a really cheap way to feed 50 people! I just need to figure out how to make it for one. LOL! Maybe you are interested?


  3. Do you know what the new vampire movie Twilight is all about? based on a book. Given the vague details, I figured if anyone did you would know.

  4. Yes, I know what the new vampire movie “Twilight” is about……

    I thought of leaving that answer. That would answer the question, but give no additional information.

    Hmmm… I like that idea.

    A quick google search would answer your questions. Even better would be to try adding “Young Adult”, “Novels”, “Series”, “Twilight”, “Vampires”. Or you could do what I did, and ask the next teenage/young twenties girl you happen to see. That’s what I did. My daughters seem to know all about this series of books. And since they know, I don’t have to. I have my sources, and I don’t have to remember it.

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