Now that amuses me.


In a recent trash cleaning of my little blog, I came across two comments with less than positive reactions to my little bits of writing. One would assume that a more positive feedback would allow the post to get included in the blog and therefor allow the additional link posting that they are looking for. Me, I just get rid of things when I don’t know where the people are from. At least most of the time. I check the web pages and such when they look almost legitimate.

Yep, I talking about the wonderful spam stuff that gets through the filter. Hmm, do I really need to allow the following.

1) Hey, get your loan here. — on a post about hamburgers.
2) Hey, get your loan here. — on a post about theater/movies
3) more of the same on posts that have nothing to do with money.
4) Hey great post — You need more pictures.
5) Interesting post — Looks like you need English lessons or an editor.
6) Why do you even write this drivel?
7) I like your site, but you need a new template.
8 ) I don’t like your site, try my template.
9) Try my book on blogging.
10) I’m a spammer, accept my comment.

Ok, that last one I really didn’t get, but all of the others really seem to say that same thing.

Grump, Grump.

7 thoughts on “Now that amuses me.”

  1. Too many lately. However, I do not recall ever getting the request to take English lessons nor the ones calling my posts drivel. You are so lucky 😉

  2. Yes, the spammers are out of control! I have 79 msgs in my junk mail folder, 95% of which are spam from my blog. That doesn’t even include the ones that make it past the junk filter and into my inbox. I used to enjoy watching the evolution of the spam, but not so much anymore; now it’s just annoying. They started out all nice and friendly, then it was like, why did you erase my comment, and now they seem to be getting quite rude. Hopefully this spam trend will become less popular as they see it doesn’t get them business. I for one am not going to use their templates, loans, or any of the other wares they are peddling by spamming me!!

  3. Why *do* you write such drivel? 😀

    Seriously, like Jamiahsh I don’t get that diverse of spam, usually just the financial junk- I guess I’m just unpopular. Maybe if I tried posting sometime…

  4. Yes Derek, posting helps… On my new post today I had 2 spam comments before any real ones – spams within hours of posting. And I see after weeding thru my 101 spam comments that the trend seems to be steering back toward friendly. Apparently they noticed that the rudeness didn’t get anyone to buy anything. Go figure.

  5. It amazes me that people have time on the their hands to be rude – is it some automatic thing that just sends out mean words to everyone on their list? Keep on blogging – people who matter don’t mind and people who mind don’t matter.

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