Now I found that interesting


I just got a response to post from 2008. Now normally I wouldn’t even give it the time of day, much less post something about it, it was spam after all, but it was interesting.

The normal spam I get usually says something about how much they like the blog, but always cuts the graphic layout down. There is, of course, a website that will help me with my layout. This one liked the layout, but wanted to debate me on my limited knowledge of the subject. Hmm, all well and good, I like a good debate every now and then. But the subject? Well it was the color yellow, ragweed and allergy season. That just happens to be one that is found in a few google searches.

I guess I could debate the color yellow. It could be lemon yellow, butter yellow, or any other type of yellow you like. I was going with Crayola yellow. Could be about ragweed. Most of the year it is green. Only in the flower blooms could you say that there is yellow in the plant. Could be about allergies. I’ve only had them for about 36 years, so I’m only an expert my experience. I’m not a Doctor and I don’t play one on TV. I guess I really don’t see a debate, or a definitive lack of understanding. It was a light hearted post, dealing with one color in the original box of 8 Crayola crayons. The ones I had when I started school.

Oh well, waiting for the next comment to trash.

8 thoughts on “Now I found that interesting”

  1. You have to wait for comments to trash? Mine pile up faster than I can weed (ahem) them out. Went on vacation, didn’t check the comments for just under a week, and I had 81 of them – probably only 3 or 4 were of any use. Some are kind of amusing though…
    Dunno if anyone’s tried to start an argument with me; if so, definitely was not about the color yellow!

  2. Well, blog popularity has it downside I see, taylhis… I get maybe one or two spams a week myself so that might tell you a little about the popularity of my own blog. 😮

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