Notice something different?


I did too. As soon as I opened my blog this morning, I saw something wasn’t quite right. What happened to my sunset? The three column design? I wasn’t sure. But I do know it was too early in the morning to investigate. I was set to write about something else, and that is now gone. So much for creative thoughts this morning. Later, I will try to discover what happened to the layout of this little blog site…

7 thoughts on “Notice something different?”

  1. Definitely not a theme I would have chosen what with the plain links on top and the text that goes all the way to the edge. Perhaps the theme was feeling lonely and decided to force itself on someone… Any more themes out there with AI?

    My blog is fine as well, at least outside of the severely reduced posts from my former blog days.

  2. from preliminary reading, the theme I used was discontinued/updated to a new version. I am now running a light version that does not have all of the extras I used. I may have to find a new theme to run, maybe write my own????

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