I guess I am changing too

Seems like there is a lot of changes happening in the Tangents’ world. I did like having my own avatar, so I thought I should have a page that displays them. If the page looks a little familiar, I’m using the same theme our admin is using.

I liked it because it was highly adaptable. As you may have noticed, I like playing with this and I never leave a default if I can help it. If you notice, your avatar is not the standard default, so if you don’t like the little monster, you should pick your own. 😉 So far, I like this theme and the current setup, but again things may change.

3 more shows, so this will be a short post.

3 thoughts on “I guess I am changing too”

  1. And now I see what you mean by the monster default for our avatars. Here I thought you were talking about the white shadow outline as it is on most of the sites…

  2. Mine still uses those default ones if you’re wondering. At least I think they are default as I’ve never changed them. The new theme does look nice, and as L said, the picture works well with it.

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