Going on midnight…


I was watching a movie, but I fell asleep sometime while it played. I can’t say when that was, since it was a movie I’ve seen before and I can ‘remember’ most of it. Anyway, I’m awake now and not quite ready for bed. (grumble, grumble).

On to the thoughts that are currently on my mind….

I’ve been thinking about privacy in the age of the internet. Back many, many moons ago when I was still young and reckless, the internet did not really exist. Oh there were a few things happening, but not the great connectivity of today. As with most young and reckless people, I did one or two foolish things (or more) that I really hoped would stay in the group I was with. Most did, I think the others were afraid of there foolish failings would get out there too. 😉

But now, it seems the foolish and reckless failings of people find there way onto the wonderful World Wide Web. Notice those first two words, World Wide. Doesn’t that mean most of the world can see your foolish acts on You Tube? We can read about them in your blog. And then there is always FaceBook…

I make a water slide off my roof and miss the landing pool — You Tube…

Want to share something off color with my friends, post it to face book and all 600 of my closest friends see it. Oh, I forgot about my privacy settings, everyone can see it.

I don’t like what someone did, I post that on facebook. Oops that someone sees it…

I blog about all sorts of things. Oh that is ok, I never use names, but others do.

Hard to hide in this wonderful webby world, but then again do you really want to? I’m not here to keep things hidden away, I am here to share them. I hope I don’t do anything to embarrass myself, but it may happen. It happens outside of the web, it can happen here.

Through the web, I’ve connected with new and old friends. I’ve shared thoughts and ideas with people who have shared similar experiences. I’ve learned from people who share my hobbies. As long as I remember that the internet isn’t my whole life, things are good. Just one more way for me to know others and them to know me. That is the human experience.

5 thoughts on “Going on midnight…”

  1. I think for the most part, people who do things like the water slide off the roof thing and other dumb things don’t really mind if their stupidity is shared with the world. In many cases, sharing their stupidity with the world is their goal.
    I’m thankful that I haven’t made any major enemies in this age where personal information is so easy to get for people to exact their revenges, and I’m sorry for the people who have made those enemies.
    Sometimes it bothers me how contagious the internet has made sin, especially gossip. For those reasons and others, Facebook bugs me, and after an incident yesterday, I officially don’t like it. But I can be patient and wait for that fad to run its course. I don’t think it will be more than a few years until something else (and probably more annoying) comes along.
    Hope you can get some sleep. Probably time for me to try as well.

  2. I just chuckle and shake my head at some of the things posted on fb. Pass over them… file 13. I agree… those who tend to perform or post the outrageous generally do not mind having it spread world wide. Years from now might be a different story, no? Things for others to bring up 20/30 years after when all seems forgotten.

    Not all technology is used in a good or flattering way.

  3. Not to mention when you do something stupid, and someone ELSE puts it on the web. I just happen to have done all of my stupid things away from the camera. 😛

  4. crazy3rdshiftretailworker

    For me, the web is a place to connect with many nameless, faceless people and vent my spleen, it seems. It is easier to write something down and see other people’s view points then to actually deal with with criticism in person. As for connecting with people I already know, face to face conversations will always be my favorite way to talk.
    And being stupid is just a part of growing, and hopefully the people who remember my idiot moments, will remember their own and just laugh at them as they should.

  5. I couldn’t have said it better myself crazy3redshiftretailworker. It’s kinda scary though b/c anyone can pretend to be someone they aren’t and be someone bad.

    I like it (the web) b/c then I can pretend to be more outgoing than I am in real life.

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