Anybody else tired of Census commercials.



I hear at least one everyday on my way to work and it is beginning to bother me. They keep talking about not having funding when things change from year to year. PEOPLE please, the census only occurs every 10 years. It isn’t going to make much difference in the year to year running of your community. Are people really that dense that they don’t realize this? Do the people in charge of Census advertising think we are that dense? Ok, don’t answer that, some people are that dense.

I did get my census form today. Yes, hurry and fill it out for who will be in your house on April 1st. The government really doesn’t get it do they. Census on April 1st? Just who is the April Fool?

Today I read that the Census is over budget. 30 second radio spots everyday? Big TV spot during the Superbowl. NO, there is absolutely no way they could be over budget. But then our elected officials have no idea what a budget is. Ya don’t spend money when ya don’t have it.. ARRG!!

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6 thoughts on “Anybody else tired of Census commercials.”

  1. I am not sick of census commercials because I don’t watch tv or listen to the radio much. But I have read about how much the commercials cost; including the $2.5 mil Superbowl spot.
    And it seems to me that in poor economic times such as these in this country that less money should be wasted – definitely. I will do my part and fill out my census form, but not because of any commercials I’ve seen.

  2. I’m with taylhis, the only ad I remember is the one during the Super Bowl; however, my census was filled out about a week ago. Guess I’m lucky and got mine early.

  3. 60 Minutes did a good piece on the Census… pretty much saying that there are questions on the Census that don’t need to be answered and are a bit odd… like Phone Number (couldn’t they just look you up?)

  4. I had the radio on for 15 minutes while making lunch today, and I heard the same census commercial TWICE – the one about the crowded buses.
    I am now sick of census commercials!

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