Ahhh the end of a long day


I got up early this morning when I didn’t have to. The dog decide to bark at something, he usually sleeps in late. But I got up and around, checked my email, the news and my blog. Not much happened since last evening on the blog, so I went to get some other things done. I come back in 1/2 hour and the site is blocked. Good April Fools prank, but I couldn’t find the back door. Oh well, I had things to do.

Laundry check, dishes check. Pick up daughter, oops she was still in Fort Wayne. Check
Movie with friends Check. All told a very good evening.

Tomorrow I’ll may write about my new toy. But I may be busy with it instead.

3 thoughts on “Ahhh the end of a long day”

  1. I liked the movie but not as much as the book – I wish they had ended the same way. I am SO tired today though – those are LONG movies!! I was so tired last night I was only able to read 5 pages of the new book… at this rate, we’ll be watching Goblet of Fire in 2011! Glad you could come, and I was especially happy to see your guest 🙂

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