Author name: Christopher Avell



My bible verse today was Matthew 10:16, and the worship song was God of This City by Christ Tomlin. The sermon jam was by John Piper. Luke got 96% on his spelling test today. For history we learned about Napoleon, and for PE we raked. For physics we learned about JAWS, F&F: Supercharged, and Back …

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Tokyo Rose

My bible verse today was Hebrews 12:11, and the sermon jam was by Matt chandler. For worship we did Way Maker by Leeland. For math we did more pemdas, and for history we learned about Tokyo rose. We also learned about kingda ka for physics. Christopher Avell


Todays bible verse was James 5:16, and the sermon jam was by Leonard Ravenhill. For worship we did Who Am I by Casting Crowns, and Luke got 73% on spelling today. For math we learned about Pemdas, and for History we learned about a spy in WWII. Our physics today was about Big Thunder Mountain …

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Family Catch

The sermon jam today was by Charles Spurgeon, and my bible verse was Colossians 3:16. For worship we did King of Kings. For math we did multiplying and dividing fractions. For history we learned about LA’s most infamous heist, and for Physics we learned about The Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain. Christopher Avell