The Mighty Thor


(Sorry If I disappoint fans of the Marvel Comics’ character).  Tonight was another fun evening of auditions at the community theatre.  The Nerd came under my radar my sophomore year at BGSU.  I performed a scene as Rick Steadman in an acting class.  After reading my copy of the scene, I immediately searched out a copy of the full script (and not from the college library).  After reading the play, I was immediately enamored with the over-the-top character and said if ever I found a chance to audition for it, I would soooo be there.  I nailed the scene in school and was told in my comments from the instructor that if he ever needed a white Steve Urkel, he would look me up.  I guess that was a compliment.

At the audition, I saw some returning thespians and one or two newcomers (always nice to see).  On the audition form, I listed that I would like to try for Rick and Thor (an 8-13 year old brat).  I did get to read the part of the brat while kneeling.  I was told that if I could shrink about 3 feet, shave, and grow some hair on my head I would be considered.

When the time came to read for the title role, I attempted to fit in a few snorts where applicable, roll the eyes a bit, change my voice slightly so it had a bit of a “adenoidal” sound (which the stage directions call for) to it.  The first scene was the scene in which the cast is introduced to the nerd.  Hilarious.

The second bit was a solo part in which Rick makes himself comfortable in his  ‘Nam buddy’s apartment.  He unpacks  a music stand, book, and tambourine (of which none were provided) and proceeds to butcher “The Star Spangled Banner.” I made like I was banging the instrument at opportune moments on the sofa, my head, leg, etc. while doing my best to ruin our National Anthem.  A friend mentioned that I could be arrested for such a travesty.  I thought being booed ala Roseanne would be enough.  I hope that I was “over-the-top” enough to please the director.

Although some would balk at the opportunity to play a nerd, I relish the chance to bring Rick Steadman to life once again, this time for a paying audience.  Hopefully, a great friend (who I was actually surprised to see since he and his wife are expecting some day soon) will be cast with me.  Usually, he has been directing or directing and acting; but I really would like to be cast in a show where he does not wear so many hats.  But even if neither of us get a part, there is always the next show.  More auditions tomorrow night.  Then what a nice birthday present it would be if I get any part (similar to last year after I found out that I was cast as the standout character in a previous show… although some do say I stand out in whatever part I am given… dunno) 😀 .

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  1. Sounds like a good audition- I hope you and our wonderful admin get the parts you tried out for, especially if they weren’t the same part! If so, I guess I will have to go with C since he can delete my account if I don’t give him my vote… 😛

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