Tonight was the final night of auditions for The Nerd. I thought they went relatively well had a few more readers there (one other female reader, two more male, and a precocious 9-year-old who stole my part). Then we had the master of inner voices take a stab at reading. I found myself laughing at his antics as I so often do. There were a few sure casting reveals tonight from default. My nephew, Alex, will be Thor for at least half the performances. Clelia will be played by a young woman who I worked with during Little Women who has commitments during a few of the performances working with the local radio station during county fair week. The rest of us have to sit and wait until tomorrow

Following the auditions, Alex and I went and watched the city band perform on the square. Within 15 minutes, he was getting antsy (he was getting antsy after auditions were over wanting to go home… SHEESH). As a reward for waiting, I told him I would take him for ice cream at an awesome stand that sells the best soft-serve homemade. Unfortunately, all I had was enough to get what HE wanted… a medium vanilla shake… how original.

Back to auditions… IF I GET A PART, I would really rather not get the role of Tocky (or is it Ticky). It seems that Thor insisted on practicing his foot stomp on my foot while we were watching the band concert. After an hour of listening to selections ranging from a medley of Duke Ellington to “Selections from Flower Drum Song” and “The King and I ,” I was getting a little tired, too. I really wanted to wait and say hi to a friend who plays in the band but I thought that I would rather not face the growing ire of a 9 year-old.

4 thoughts on “Originality”

  1. Tocky, Ticky I don’t think it matters. It will be sore foot by the end of the show.

    Master of Inner Voices… Hmm sounds like a comic book hero. If you can find an few people to draw and ink it, I think we could write a story or too. Should this be a graphic Novel?

  2. A nephew named Alex. Why does that sound so familiar, hmm…

    A certain nephew named Alex will be starting at SIU in the fall. Unless your 9-year-old is a super genius, I must be talking about my nephew! 🙂

  3. I’ve been wanting to check out one of those band concerts since we moved a few blocks away, but it never works out… maybe I’ll play in it someday… that’s one thing I can do with myself when the kids grow up!

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