Not In The Clinic Anymore


Last night after waiting a week following my call back invitation, I got the details.  Not at all what I was expecting.  The call backs were to be last week and casting decided by Monday.  After Monday, I was becoming a bit concerned.  At this point, I was more curious about the filming then having a part or not.  We had attempted to film The Clinic a year or so ago, but that fell through.  So I emailed the writer of the play to see if he knew anything in his consulting role.

After returning from work last night, I opened up an email titled “Call backs.”  However, this was not for the film I was expecting.  The call backs are now on September 25 (the date we were to begin filming the short film).  The new film sounds like an original feature length film.  I was given a few scenes to memorize and familiarize myself with for the callback.

Not only that but underneath was instructions that all but a working title “Family Movie” was to remain mum.  I do know this much, if I successfully progress beyond the callback, I can expect a lengthy shooting schedule… months in fact.  Plus, a contracted, paid role!  Trying not to think that far ahead.

I am a bit excited.  I have read the scenes for which I will asked to read from and I think they look really good.  The fact that I received this news on September 15 has not been lost on me.  This is the third opportunity I have been presented (a job at Disney World, moving to a large city, and now…).  I think it is more than coincidence and I am at least going in and do my best…. but of course I will.  I would expect nothing less of myself and neither would any of my fellow tangenteers or readers who comment sporadically.  One step at a time.

7 thoughts on “Not In The Clinic Anymore”

  1. Here’s to hoping that it ends up how you would like!
    And if you’d ever like to try something new, our church could always use your acting talents – there are new roles to tackle every week! Performing for kids while educating and guiding them is EXTREMELY rewarding!!!

  2. Still waiting on my own profession callbacks, but nothing as exciting as yours even if they do happen. 🙂

    In the meantime an area Christian group has posted auditions for a nice holiday show. Unfortunately callbacks fall during our tech week so I will have to see what they say about it if I try out.

    1. Derek, I (of course… the obvious response would be “I am not you”) would definitely try out for the holiday show. Even playing the evil Mr. Potter last year, It’s a Wonderful Life was a great way to welcome in the season. I had never done a holiday show before (other than school programs) Plus, I’m sure you would notify the group doing the show of your callback dilemma and I would think they would take that into consideration.

      Last night, I jokingly referred to the first line I would not cross theatrically: Evil Dead: the Musical. I’m sure there are others but that is the first opportunity that I absolutely said “no” to. See… I can say it.

  3. I just sent an email to the group and am awaiting their reply. I was just about to ask you how you knew which holiday show I was talking about, but then I remembered that you were in the show, as you reminded me. Interesting- they want someone age 60-85 for Mr. Potter. Not that it says anything about you of course. 😉

    Another group is doing The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, but I can find no audition information on their website. Maybe they just haven’t scheduled them yet, but they do consider themselves a professional group I think so auditions may be closed.

  4. They had older folks try out who filled other roles. None that could act as evil as I… apparently. Wonderful Life was a blast! It’s good to act evil 👿

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