Getting To Know Gunner, Aarvid, And Kanute


Well, Tuesday and Thursday nights were auditions for the next WCCT production.  Don’t Hug Me tells the story of a travelling karaoke machine (“LIFESTYLE SYSTEM”) salesman who travels to the local tavern of a northern Minnesotan village on the coldest night of the year.  I have not had the opportunity to read the entire script but what I read cold at the auditions was hilarious.  We did not get the chance to sing any of the songs from the show but (judging by the titles) they will be great fun.  “Don’t Let The Door Hit You In The Butt” caught my attention as it was a song we skipped over during our readings.

Before the readings, we were encouraged to try a Minnesotan accent.  I vaguely knew something, enough to make an attempt.  Ya, you know.  Watch Fargo and you will see (or Drop Dead Gorgeous which I have never seen) and you will know.  I really like the part of Gunner.  He is the owner of the tavern and is an outspoken, northwoods version of Archie Bunker.  The fast-talking salesman Aarvid (Head of the Class?) could be fun as well as he is slightly reminiscent of a Harold Hill.  We really did not get to learn much of the role of Kanute who seems to be a rather clueless character who is engaged to one of the two female characters.

Now… for the singing part of the audition.  There was a keyboard on stage with a book of Broadway tunes open to “Getting to Know You” from The King and I. Ok… it is a female piece but it was there so why not.  Following my short off the cuff a capella excerpt, the director told me that “That was too good.”  AWriiighty then, I will do worse on Thursday… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Unfortunately, the only person who got to sing was the one person who did not show up Tuesday night.  In total there were 6 people who tried out.  4 men and two women.  The cast calls for 5 (3 men and two women).  I feel sorry for the one guy who does not get a part.  If that turns out to be me… OH, WELL.  However, I have all the confidence in the world that it will not be me.

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  1. Alright… after Florida and maybe another visit to Scream Acres for John and some game nights and some murder mysteries, we will have a movie night to see Drop Dead Gorgeous. Can’t believe you haven’t seen it – it’s really funny. So, sometime around the summer of ’09… 😉

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