Another Night Of Horrors


Tonight was the second and final night of Little Shop auditions.  Tonight, I did not travel from E-town alone.  A friend commented on my Facebook space that she would like to go and put her foot in the door of the world of community theatre.  If you are frequent guest of my blog, you know that one of my 50 high school classmates has been cast in a B-horror movie.  Peg told me that she would like to try auditioning for a live stage show.  Never having been on film (aside from a certain television news broadcast a year or two ago), I could only say how much I adore the smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd.

I thought Peg did fine her first time out.  She just lacks the confidence that only repeated auditions and experience will bring.  She has a lovely voice but just needs to project her voice more so that it can be heard.  When she read scenes from the script, I could see a bit of the ‘tude necessary for one of the trio of Skid Row gals come through.

Another newbie (well… someone who was not available to attend yesterday’s round) continued to amaze me.  Chris may have been running on fumes but his excerpt of “Love Changes Everything” was brilliant.  He asked me to keep him awake if we were ever called down to read together… never happened.  Dunno… too much talent to put on stage at once?  His plant voice was tremendous and brought a tear to my eye from laughter.  I did catch him dozing in his seat a time or two, but his stage presence still rocks!

I once again read mainly for Mushnik, a bit for Orin, and once for the voice of the plant, Audrey II.  I would be happy with either of the roles.  However, I think the part of the florist would be a hoot.  I was tempted to ask to read for Seymour but I thought why when I had already read for two of the supporting roles who have ample opportunity to shine.  I’m just not sure that I could do justice to the plant.  A bit of off the wall reading was asked of the men when we were asked to read a few lines as women.  Weird, to say the least.

Well, we were informed that we would learn of our sentencing tomorrow.  I have waited longer than that to find out the results of show casting  (one I will not mention).  So… good luck to all and once again… great job, Peg.  Hope to see you again!

4 thoughts on “Another Night Of Horrors”

  1. Jamy — You read GREAT for Mushnik!! I have a cast in mind (as I do form at all auditions I attend) and for me, you ARE Mushnik. Of course it is up to the directors… I thought Peg did well too — very soft and reserved on the singing but she had a nice pleasant tone and she did read well for the Trio.

  2. Sounded like fun… too bad I had to miss all TWO HOURS of it! You guys missed out on at least 4 Sesame Street stories, The Little Engine That Could, and a Bear in the Big Blue House book, to name a few… And then there was the great toilet paper unrolling x3… so in your face! 😉

  3. Toilet PAPER UNROLLING… NO WAY!! x3, too. Even better… were they wet rolls? Yes indeed, it is up to the directors but thanks again… u are the best!

  4. I would still love to do Seymour at some point, but as I get older it becomes less and less plausible. Other roles are fine too, but I think C can tell you how much I just fit the role of Audrey II voice… 😮

    Have fun with it, whoever you are cast as!

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