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The last two evenings saw auditions for an upcoming production of The Lion in Winter.  The play itself tells a tale set during the waning years of Henry II’s reign in England, his relationship with his family (Eleanor of Aquitaine, Geoffrey, Richard, and John) as well as Philip, King of France.  I must admit to being a bit overwhelmed.  I have never tried out for a period piece, but I think I did my best.  I was not sure which role I specifically intended to try for, so I put “Any I Fit” on the audition sheet.

I think my lack of experience with the piece coupled with a cold (not trying to make excuses, just stating facts), hindered my success.  I am happy for the gentleman who was cast as Philip as he was instrumental in pushing for the production to take place.  The rest of the auditioners did really well, also.  The women who read for Eleanor were so good that the decision on casting that role was put on hold.  The role of Henry also is also up in the air as well as the part of the King’s young whore.

In all actuality, I am not that disapointed this time.  I can take a few weeks off and find a song to audition with for Honk and find the music (can anyone help with that?) and familiarize myself with that show.  However, I must send a shout out to Megan who was cast in the theatre’s production of Over the Tavern as well as the rest of the cast of Lion in Winter including justj.  I was not sure when he would find out that he was cast as Geoffrey and did not want him to learn from anyone else but the director.  A hearty congratulations to you, my friend.

4 thoughts on “Another Audition”

  1. I’m not sure that was Megan… Sound more like Megan’s Mom, or do I have the initials wrong?

    NO CONGRATS to Geoffrey??? Sorry I didn’t see you for Auditions the first night. I was unable to attend the second.

  2. Of course CONGRATS to Geoffrey… I wasn’t sure if you had gotten the word before. AHHA… CAC… NOW I KNOW… thanks megan’s mom.

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