Tick-Tock/Blah Blah Blah


I have been watching American Idol less and less.  Somehow, it has lost a lot of the appeal that it once held.  I have watched enough to learn that Northwest Ohio native, Crystal Bowersox, is one of the early favorites.  Good for her!  I have also watched enough to know that Ellen Degeneres has yet to become comfortable in her judging capacity.  She definitely has taken over the void as supreme cheerleader vacated by Paula Abdul… maybe a bit too much.  Enough about that because I really can’t say too much with the amount I have seen.

I will comment on the act that was part of the results show tonight.  A “Breakout” artist of the new year, Ke$hia (that’s how it is spelled) performed something.  Hot off the heels of her 6 million seller, “Tick Tock,” she came on stage and performed “Blah Blah Blah” and that is what it looked and sounded like.  Or maybe I could not hear the lyrics because I was too busy laughing at the audacity of the spectacle. It really made me wonder where she broke out from! I think I’d rather hear “Pants on the Ground” but I think that has had its 5 minutes of fame.  The video on youtube just did not do the hilarious performance tonight justice.  I’ll look back and update the post.  It is definitely one that needs to be seen to be believed.  Honestly, I never understood the need to fill an hour with something that can be done in less than a half hour.

Here is Crystal taking on the Creedence Clearwater Revival song “As Long As I Can See The Light.”

And now for the moment tangenteers have been waiting a good 15 hours for…

11 thoughts on “Tick-Tock/Blah Blah Blah”

  1. Why does the name Crystal Bowersox sound familiar? It’s not like I follow Idol… What part of NW Ohio is she from? I have been following the progress of a Chicago suburban native, if only thru the headlines in the Daily Herald – don’t really care too much, and I forgot his name.
    How can they still be called American Idol if there are what, 10 of them by now?
    Ms. Bowersox is pretty good.
    What happens to Idol when Cowell leaves? Never mind, I don’t care enough to know the answer to that 😉

  2. She is from Elliston, Ohio which is right in our neck of the woods near Toledo. I think it will lose even more viewers once Simon starts his other Americanized version of his other star making British show maybe that is why it is losing its appeal… too many. Plus, I totally agree… how many AIs do we need? I was actually going to ask if you knew where the town is the Chicago suburbanite is from.

  3. DeWyze is from Mount Prospect – yes, I know where that is; it’s right next to the town where Hubby grew up. I believe DeWyze attended the same high school as one of our very own bloggers… but just a few years later 😉
    Is he any good?
    I still like Carrie Underwood, and I’m glad she crossed over to country – it suits her.

  4. I’m glad you posted the new youtube video, I was about to go find it myself. Oh, wait, I wrote that part before I watched it – maybe I’m not so glad after all… 😉
    Did she just push a tv? Wait, that was a dancer DRESSED like a tv, makes more sense (it does?).
    I’m having a problem with the sound, but you don’t need to find a new video or anything – I need to find more productive things to do while the baby is napping!

  5. What happened to the days when they used to show the judges’ reactions throughout the performances? I would have liked to have seen what they said after that debacle – oh well, I’m over it.
    Is there anyone anywhere who thought that was cool or anything but unbelievably ridiculous? I doubt it…

  6. I don’t think the judges would have commented on a guest artists’ performance. I would have loved yo hear Simon’s take on it. A few pans to the judges would have been nice.

  7. I’m just happy to say that I’ve never seen American Idol. I haven’t looked at your links just to be able to say that. 😉

  8. The party don’t stop till I walk in……………….

    (I love that line, even though I hate the song….)

  9. The one who uploaded that second video ought to be embarrassed for it… I guess we we can see where KeiSha’s heart lies, though some might just say the S key on her computer is broken. 😛

    And that Crystal was really good!

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