Pants On The Ground


Just in case you haven’t heard the new singing(?) sensation that is 63 year old Larry Platt and his soon to hit the late night talk show circuit hit, you are in for a rollicking treat.  I know that the age limit for American Idol is 28, but somehow sometimes the producers allow gimmicks such as Mr. Platt to slip through to perform for the judges.  This season’s big news is the departure of Paula Abdul and the coming of Ellen DeGeneres after the completion of the audition process and the arrival to Hollywood. Once again, it sounds like the acid wit of Simon Cowell might be exiting after this, the 9th season, of the show. Personally, I don’t think it will be as much of a ratings juggernaut without him.

3 thoughts on “Pants On The Ground”

  1. That was amusing and inspiring (?), although it bugs me a little that they let him slip through, ignoring the age limit just to make a spectacle of this guy.

  2. Then again, American Idol is known for doing that. Thanks for the entertainment, and also for getting the ‘pants on the ground’ song lodged into my head all day! 😉

  3. You’re welcome… Mr. Platt has quite a story after hearing about all the following he has amassed following the broadcast. He was a general in Nam and has been quite the activist.

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