turkey day


Happy Thanksgiving!

A little turkey day humor ↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔ Ode to Thanksgiving To our national birds The American Eagle The Thanksgiving Turkey May one give us peace in all our states And the other a piece for all our plates ↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔ Thanksgiving Divorce A man in Phoenix calls his son in New York the day before Thanksgiving and …

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am thankful every day for all that I have, but today is an excuse to  feast in celebration of our thankfulness.  Here’s to hoping you have a safe and happy holiday! Lisa