christmas lights


O Holy Night

As many go to bed tonight awaiting a certain jolly old gift-giver to pay them a visit when fast asleep, it pays to remember the gift given to us from above that bears no comparison to the trinkets we give each other.  Praise God for His gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, for lowering Himself …

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Technology And Santa

Due to the many technological advances that have been made in the world since we were kids, I think today’s youth have somewhat of a different perspective on Santa. First of all, on Christmas Eve, they can track Santa’s travels on the internet.  When we were young, it was “get to bed, and if you’re not sleeping by …

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Another Thanksgiving weekend is upon us, and so far it’s been wonderful for us.  Thanksgiving dinner was deliciously cooked by my husband and our guests who were kind enough to bring yummy dishes to share.  We played some games afterwards and watched the movie “21” -not very Thanksgiving-y, but a good movie nonetheless.  The night …

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