Migraines SUCK!

I used to get them quite frequently while growing up but every once in a while they rear their ugly heads and I am done. ¬†My only regret is that I had to miss my voice lesson for which Kathrine was more than understandable ūüėÄ Next week promises to be interesting as she is hosting an exchange student from New Zealand, ¬†I will have some one critiquing me full time. ¬†Kathrine tries to play the piano and watch me at the same time.

My New Years Day was ehh. ¬†After getting to bed around 5AM, I was awakened 4 hours later by the dulcet tone of “Can you come in to work today?” I probably would have been more receptive of the idea had I not been brought out of a deep sleep. ¬†I did go in from 1-6 and at time and a half plus the 9 hours at the same rate that I put in the day before, I wasn’t all that upset. ¬†Even the fact that the day just SEEEMED to DRAAAAAAAGGGGG did not put that much of a damper. ¬†At 5:45 however, a customer called asking if we had Similac Baby formula. ¬†About 30 seconds later, the man of the house called, asked the same question, and thankfully asked how late we were open. ¬†So, being the nice guy I am… waited for the customer’s arrival. ¬†But as he was checking out with his 9 cans of formula (which put us over $100.00 for our last hour) I turned out the lights.

Bowl Games for Big 10 country have not been overwhelmingly successful.  Thankfully, the Buckeyes ended their 9 game winless streak against teams in the SEC as they defeated Arkansas 31-26.  And poor Rich Rodriguez is out of a job.  I thought he did a fine job as the 3 year coach of the team up North but I guess the PTB had other ideas.