Has it been that long?

I just noticed that I have not done a movie review in quite some time.  They I started to wonder if I actually saw any movies recently.  I think I did, there were a few shows I wanted to see, but did I ever get to any?  Hmmm,   I’ll need to try to remember.

I also noticed that it has been some time since I’ve done a book review too.  I know I’ve been reading books.  And I haven’t talked about any fast food sandwiches recently either.  On top of that, I have not reviewed any of the plays I’ve been to recently.  Am I slipping?  Yep, probably.

Other things happened and my time on the blog has been focusing on other thoughts.  Oh well, there are a couple of new movies, soon to be released, that I’m sure i may write a thing or two about. And I heard McDonald’s re-released the McRib.  And I think I have a pie to make.  I may wait a bit on the pie.  Christmas maybe?