First day down!

I am going to take a break from Egypt right now and write about my anniversary weekend! So, for the next three days, I will not answer any questions about my other blogs, but keep the questions coming and I’ll get back to them!

Today was the first day of our anniversary weekend! We will be married for a year on Sunday! Today we went to the zoo and had time to make it to the mall. We actually didn’t but a lot at the zoo besides lunch (including the souvenir cup, with a picture of the baby giraffe on it. Expensive, but it’s our weekend!) and gave money to help animals out! Though we did get plenty of pictures and some video (especially of the baby polar bear). We are planning on putting those on youtube and then getting them onto our facebook page! Or, at least I am. I couldn’t tell you if Tony is going to or not. But while at the zoo, we found three dead animals! Ugh!!! 🙁 Though shortly after the first one, everyone was kicked out of the reptile house, so I think they were taking care of that one. The other two were in the amphibians exhibit and the aquarium. And then, we went into the Rain Forest exhibit to hunt for the sloth only to find out that the sloth died in January! She was 27 years old and that is long lived for a sloth, but still, I always loved searching for her!

At the mall, we looked through plenty of stores without buying anything! And then we stopped by the bookstore and Godiva! I bought a huge over 500 page Egypt book! It talks about the treasure of the Great Pharaohs, Tutankhamen and Rameses II. I got it for a great price too! Tony bought a film making book, which I hope helps him out.
Oh, I forgot we also went to Goodwill this morning and bought a book about the Lost Tomb. It’s about KV5, the tomb of many of Rameses II’s sons.
With the pictures from the zoo, I plan on making a scrapbook to remind us of our first anniversary together, since we still haven’t figured out what to get as a reminder of our very first year as a married couple. I thought a scrapbook would be nice at least. Well, I think it’s time to head to bed. We’re busy tomorrow also!