Busy family

Can this family have much more excitement? The current list (as it stands now 😉 ) 1) 4th Daughter heads out for Show Choir Competition in April. 2) 4th Daughter’s High School graduation in May. 3) 3rd Daughter’s Wedding in June — Play I was in is going to regional competition 🙁 I can’t make …

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Presidential In-Laws

In-laws have a bad stigma in our country, to say the least.  From sayings like, “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your relatives” or “When you marry your spouse, you’re marrying her whole family” to classic TV shows which depict the dreaded mother-in-law as a horrible threat or consequence for a character’s …

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So Far Away

Sometime in the life of a parent, you have to let your little ones go out on their own. For the most part I am very good at that. There are time, however, that I just want to be by their side. I have two daughters living at home, and one about an hour away. …

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