I’m Not Rubbing It In, Honest, But…

With NINE STRAIGHT WINS, the Chicago Cubs are the HOTTEST team in baseball right now!  I am ecstatic about this and just had to make a remark or two.  So I’m sorry to my friends who follow MLB, choosing instead to support franchises other than the Cubs – I don’t know how your teams are doing, and I don’t mean to rub it in about how incredibly awesome the Cubs are this year, but these days, “How about those Cubs?” is not just a conversation starter, it’s a question being asked by baseball fanatics, Cubs fans, Chicagoans, and probably anyone who has ever heard of the Cubs, their ‘loveable losers’ nickname, and their awesome 2008 baseball skills.  Gone are the days it seems when the Cubs were the laughing stock of baseball; the “maybe next year” mantra and when an 8-0 deficit in a game meant certain disaster for my favorite team.  The other day, they were able to turn an 8-0 losing game into a 10-9 WIN over the Rockies!  Honestly, the Cubs have never been known for great comebacks in a game, and this was no fluke – that game was followed by 2 more games where the Cubs came from behind to save the game and declare wins for themselves.  Then again, rallies are nothing new to Cubs’ manager, Lou Piniella – no manager in history has managed more eight-run comebacks.

So could 2008 be the year for the Cubs?  Could 100, a whole century, be the magic number of years us Cubs fans have had to wait for another World Series win?  That remains to be seen, of course, it is only June, but keep this in mind: according to the Elias Sports Bureau, the last time the Cubs had the best record in baseball entering June was 1908, the year they last won the World Series.  Coincidence or fate?  We will find out come October – I know I will be glued to the Cubs website until then!

How about those Cubs?!?