The Mole Week #3

Watched this Mole episode a little late this week since the kids were rambunctious about settling down after an exciting week at Grandma’s – turns out I hadn’t missed much.  I really liked the Fruit of the Luge challenge where the players divide into teams of 2, and one person is blindfolded and driving the pair on a luge.  The other player is supposed to call out the types of fruits that are depicted on signs they pass on the luge course.  When they are at the end of the luge course, they are not to talk, and the blindfolded player takes off his or her blindfold and picks out the fruit in the order the other player had seen it.  Alas, a few teams ended up getting their points taken away since they broke a rule and chatted after finishing the course.  But it was an interesting challenge; an aspect of this show that I really enjoy.  Unlike the following challenge…  something about the contestants running around Chile in underwear trying to find clothes.  It was a stupid, pointless, sell-out challenge; something that once set this reality show apart from the others because they hadn’t yet stooped to this level – what a shame.

But anyway, no one really stuck out at me as being that moley tonight.  Paul kinda was, but then when he got angry during dinner, it didn’t seem mole-like to be so upset.  But if he is the mole, maybe that was part of his game, who knows.  Clay always seems to be in the backround, and if it weren’t for last week’s episode where he had only about one line to say throughout the entire show, I would think it’s him.  But because of last week, I can’t picture them only showing the mole once during an episode.  The blonde neurologist is looking suspect also – her name escapes me at the moment.  I also think it could be Nichole, but the whole point of Nichole is that she thinks she is so great at so many things when she really isn’t so perfect because she’s too busy being full of herself…  I don’t see how she’d have time to be the mole when she’s so busy being so arrogant.  And I definitely don’t think the mole is Mark.  There are a few people that just don’t seem suspect to me, and Mark, Craig, the model and Bobby were 3 of those people.  The model and Bobby are both gone now (YAY!  I was getting so sick of Bobby’s antics; he was not very likable), so I guess I was right about those two.  So here is where I am so far:

Paul – My husband’s top pick since the beginning.  Tonight, he was standout mole-y to me, but he also doesn’t seem smart enough to pull off being the mole…  maybe just part of his act?
Alex –  He’s the guy who wins everything; every reality show has one.  Usually they do pretty well and become finalists if not win the entire competition.  I don’t think he’s the mole though, but he’s more of a suspect than not at this point.  It’s getting on my nerves that he can speak such fluent spanish.  I don’t think they should have picked only one contestant with this ability when filming the show and doing the challenges in a spanish-speaking country.
Clay – I wish he wasn’t so ignored last week, otherwise he would be my top guess again…  he’s just SO neutral seeming and in the backround.
Kristen – the bike thing from last week made her a suspect…  and she just acts generally mole-y; I can’t really pinpoint it.

Nichole – see above – the part about the being to arrogant to be the mole.
Craig – seems too genuine?  I don’t know what it is, but if this guy is the mole, he’s good!
Victoria – Not only does she not seem very bright, but her infatuation with Bobby just doesn’t fit as mole behavior.  It wasn’t obvious enough to be present to throw others off, so I think it was genuine.  And besides the other clues she’s given, the fact that she would have a genuine crush on a fellow reality show contestant, especially someone like Bobby all point to the fact that she is too dim to pull off being the mole.
Mark – something last week had me convinced he is NOT the mole, forgot what it was, but it sticks with me enough to know that I still do not suspect this guy at all.  Just seems too real I guess.

I guess after re-reading my contestant breakdown, my official mole guess after seeing this week’s episode is Clay.

Chris’ guess is Paul.

Jamiahsh can post his guess in comments.