The half-day gamble

I am not really a gambling person, at least where money is concerned.  I always tend to lose and it just seems like a waste of money to me.  However, when it comes to subbing I do take some gambles.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out well for me this year.  In the past I have had a reasonable ratio of half days turned into full days compared with those I haven’t.  This year I am on the low side of things.  Whenever I get a half day I always try to get a second job for the other half of the day if possible.  I think this may have succeeded maybe once this year.  To make matters worse, when it’s too late to cancel an assignment only then do I see full-day assignments show up to mock me.  Today was such a day.  Think I saw no less than half a dozen such jobs show up this morning.  I even saw a half-day assignment for the morning posted.  Too bad this was the half of the day I was already assigned.

I tried a few times today even at work.  Nothing.  Then finally before I came home I came across an afternoon at a nearby school.  Yes!  Wait, no.  It turned out to be a half day for Thursday.  Sigh.

What was work today?  Or yesterday for that matter since I didn’t get around to posting…  Well, that’s something for another post.  Stay tuned.