Sometimes When You Dream

Tonight’s rehearsal was full of very hard work but it was all fun. We spent nearly an hour-and-a-half blocking and walking through the most elaborate piece of the show: “The Weekly Volcano Press.” The scene is essentially Jo telling a story that she has written to the Professor and Mrs. Kirk. The story is chock full of characters drawn out of fairy tales and other sources that come to life on stage. There are a chorus of trolls, hags, monks, a damsel in distress, the hero and of course the “aristocratic melodramatic stock villain” Braxton Prendergast (thank you Chris for your help). That is all I will elaborate upon so I do not spoil it for those who may wish to come and enjoy the show for themselves. I do believe that when fully realized this will be one of the highlights of the musical. There is something going on musically and visually every second of the piece.

Once again, the director commented to me a few times. He seemed to be amazed at how well I know my character. Well… every character in any play has a story. It is up to the actor to find that story and BRING IT!!!

It was also bio-night. Each of us was given a form on which to list our past theatrical experiences, awards (“Dancing Star”), any acknowledgments we would like to make, future endeavors, and any words of wisdom we would wish to share. Needless to say, mine will probably be edited for length. I just could not shut up about how much I love doing this.

Finally before we were excused, volunteers were asked to attend a mini-theatre seminar at the local library Saturday morning. Guess who had their hand up before anyone? “Big Surprise,” exclaimed Mr. Director.

Little Women The Musical (2005 Original Broadway Cast)