Disney’s Intervention

It’s no secret that our formally sweet daughter Disney is in the throes of the ‘terrible twos’ right now.  One minute she’ll be snuggling…  But the next minute, she’ll be spitting, pinching, hitting, pulling hair, or one of the other horrible behaviors that define the ‘terrible twos’.  So the other night, we had some friends over for a game night – a bunch of adults sitting around the table snacking, talking and playing games, and the kids were kind of hyper.  Attempting to calm them down, I suggested putting a movie on the big tv and letting them watch it downstairs, and so our two oldest laid down to watch it peacefully.  Their baby brother went to bed without fuss, and all was well until Disney decided to wreak havoc upon her unsuspecting sisters.  As they were laying down trying to watch the movie, she began sitting on them – spitting on them, pinching them, and basically just trying to do her best to make their lives miserable for the moment.  We separated the kids, and Disney came over to the adult’s table to finish her special treat of root beer – and that’s when it hit me – she was on a sugar high!  Sure enough, after she chugged down her root beer, she began going for (and at a record pace) the gumballs from her Strawberry Shortcake gumball machine she had gotten for Valentine’s Day.  Some game night friends noticed this, and Cathy distracted her while John passed the gumball machine to Jamy, who passed it to me.  I hid it under my shirt and stealthly (or so I thought)  left the room with Dis at my heels…

I made it to the bathroom where I was able to stash the gumball machine without her noticing, and although she did ask about it, we were able to avoid fueling the two-year-old fire any further, and within an hour, she fell asleep.  It only took 4 adults to stage a sugar intervention for our two-year-old, and thank goodness they did because too much sugar+terrible two’s = horror for everyone!

So thanks everyone, for staging Disney’s intervention – we all know it was for her and OUR own good!