Presidential Fodder For Letterman, ALREADY!?

I just marvel at the sight of witnessing an Inauguration Day on television.  Actually being within miles of the actual ceremony must be exhilarating.  The pomp and circumstance of the changing of power from one administration to another is just inspiring.  Millions of people gathered at the Mall facing the Capitol Building (I heard an estimated report that there was 1 port-a-potty for every 400 people), a chilly day indeed unless you are wearing layers upon layers of clothing.  The appearance of the three living past Commanders-in-Chief as well as their seconds in command preceding the oath is yet another traditional element of the passing of the torch.  Of course, there was a small snafu involved in the ceremony, it was a moment or two behind.  Is it in the 20th Amendment that the oath must be administered at noon?.  It does state that the President’s and Vice-President’s tenures ends at 12PM on January 20th.

Poor President Bush was mocked so heavily by David Letterman (among other talk show hosts) in what seemed like nightly installments of Great Moments in Presidential Speeches.  Mr. Letterman may well have his first moment for President Obama even before he was even sworn in.  The President-elect rushed over the Chief Justice in the recitation.  I believe that this inadvertently caused Justice Roberts to slightly flub the second line of the oath.  Probably the excitement of the moment.

I was impressed with the history making address of the new leader of our country.  He pulled no punches and made it blunt that there is work to be done in the U.S. as well as abroad and that it would not be easy days ahead but necessary.  I think the moment was made more profound when he alluded to the fact that 40 years ago, his family and others like him could not enter certain restaurants and be served;  now he is now the leader of that country.  A change has indeed come.  Let us hope that the next four years are filled with a new spirit and new prosperity.  I just hope that the president and his mother-in-law are on good terms.  Of course, the White House is a big place.