Waiting Is The Hardest Thing

Ok… it has been a week and a half since Joseph auditions.  Call backs have been called back (although I was informed to not give up hope until the final cast list was posted).  As always, I have been trying to focus my attention on other things until last Thursday when another fan was stricken with a heart attack.  He was immediately rushed to the hospital, stabilized, and was decided to put stints in.  Friday, bleeding continued and by the end of the day, Mr. Z had gone to his heavenly home.  Isn’t it strange how quickly things happen.  It had just been a few days earlier when he was in the store, teasing, asking when a good time to get with my mother for an “ear-lowering appointment” would be, and inquiring about any coming theatrical endeavors. He, his wife, and son frequently sit in the audience of shows.  Even going back to school days, I believe that Jason was a freshman when I was a senior and Elwyn and Jackie were members of the music boosters.  I was asked to be on stand-by to sing at the funeral; however, another talented vocalist made the trip from Columbus.

During the service Monday, my mind wandered back to the audition and what was going on there.  My mind has not been dwelling TOO much on this show because I know that I have promised to AT LEAST help with the creation of the next show which I have really been looking forward to (maybe even a bit more that Go, Go, Joe).  But whatever happens, there is always another show.

May Jackie, Jason and the rest of Mr. Z’s family find peace and comfort in the coming days.