Another Full Weekend

Yes, another weekend full of things to do.  and one more thing after finishing this post… rehearsal… the first at which EVERYONE is to be off book… less than 2 weeks to go, I should think so, although there have been times… but we won’t go there not that I would ever be on book with less than 3 weeks to go.

Friday was another long work day followed by another wonderful night of games and friends.  But why does everyone assume that I am Mafia all the time.  I felt something tickle my leg and I jumped… so NATURALLY that would make me a member of the mafia (ok, the fact that I was that round is beside the point entirely).

Saturday was another birthday for a little princess who is about to turn 2 and is going to be on her way on a flight to Florida in the same less than two weeks.  I have never seen such a haul but there were a lot of relatives and well-wishers so…  I was told that my gift went over really well.  I found a mermaid doll that I thought that any little girl would enjoy.  So, I searched for a card.  I am particularly fond of the cards with sound so for a little more than a traditional birthday card, I found one with Ariel that played “Part of Your World” one of Lauren’s favorites.  I don’t do clothes, so I had to be creative for my little cousin.  Apparently, the parents did not know that the Buckeyes played a 3.30 game because most of us were surprised at the late start (at 5 o’clock).  But since Ohio State handily defeated Illinois 30-0, it was not a great tragedy.  But the menu was delicious and ALOT was to be had (chicken noodle soup, Uncle Delton’s fabulous chili, nacho dip, homemade rolls, not to mention cake, cupcakes, and ice cream).

All this food the day before the church’s annual chicken festival.  Elizabeth (more on her in a bit) told me that it was very warm in the church basement where the dinners were served.  She should have been around when the dinner was in the middle of July with fans blowing nothing but hot air.  My sister asked when this was and honestly, I could not remember when it was changed to the last Sunday of September.  Mom informed us that they used to have two chicken dinners annually.  I don’t remember that.

Speaking of Elizabeth, apparently her joy of getting the role of Mulan was premature.  She told me that she was asked to come for a call back for the part.  The title role was given to another girl and E-beth is a mother/dressmaker.  Oh, well she didn’t seem too upset.  I believe the dates are either the first or second weekend of November.

Ok… off to rehearsal.  Good Luck BEARS… The Yanks are playing for the  AL East title tonight.