3-0! And No Vultures Circling

I don’t know of anyone else who can claim that ranking in our annual WCCT Family Fun Day softball game but since neither of my other compatriots here at tangents can, I will gloat just a bit… not that it was entirely my doing…. never underestimate the underdog and I’m not speaking of the canine do-gooder  I just really enjoy another excuse to get together on any day with some of the best friends one could have… even if some were missing.

I will try not to report on too much that has been mentioned before.  I did arrive a bit earlier than everyone else which gave me the chance to listen to most of the remaining first stanza of the Ohio State/Toledo football game.  By the end of the first quarter, the Buckeyes were up 14-0 at the home of the Browns in Cleveland.  Just a bit of interstate competition at a neutral site…. or maybe a chance to get an Ohio team there who would win a game… this seemed likely since both teams are from Ohio.  I remember going to Cleveland my senior year in high school to watch the Bucks play.  The day after the sousaphone incident.  I must say that Mr. Tressel loosened his vest a bit instead of playing it conservative which has led to many a big game letdown… the USC game a weekend or two ago comes to mind as well as a few past bowl games.

Back to the Fun Day.  As usual, it was a very enjoyable event although there were only 8 of us (plus an all-time pitcher) who took part in the actual game.  Prior to the main event, we tossed a football and then I really showed by prowess on the basketball court.  Thank goodness for the granny shot or I would have reached “h-o-r-s-e” long before I did.  As I have said before, I know where my talent lies.

Prior to the big game, Megan and I warmed up a bit tossing the softball back and forth.  WHAT… no batting practice?!  I played shag in the outfield and was kept bust chasing flies until the final inning when it seemed one side got a bit more winded than the other.  I am pleased to say that I hit the ball every time I was up… ok, so maybe one at bat took about seven pitches for me to do so… we will blame the pitcher.  But what a ball!  One of the events I hope to look forward to for years to come.

The game ended long enough for us to return to the pavilion to chat a bit before I had to leave and song lead at mass.  But once again a great afternoon with friends.