5G has arrived

Not mobile data- is that what you were thinking?  I have a 4G phone released this year that’s not really 4G if that says anything about how long we’ll be waiting.  No, our church has a regular meeting for all church leaders.  This year we had about 400…more leaders than last year attend.  One church, six campuses, 15,000 churchgoers.  Yes there were a lot of leaders in attendance.  Our thing for this year is five Gs.  Let’s see if I can remember- the literature is in the car.  Growing, giving/generosity, grace, gratitude, and…  Okay, four out of five isn’t bad (giving and generosity are the same g).  In addition to this upcoming series, our pastor announced a revisit of a past series done about 12 years ago and a new financial drive- no specific dollar amount goal, but something else.  We’ll hear more about it soon.

In other church news, I am no longer a Liferock leader but am now a 4th and 5th grade leader.  Did I ever name the ministry before?  Probably not, but since I have stopped blogging for the most part causing my readership to heavily dwindle, I feel it is now safe to write.  Back to topic, the kids ministry decided to dump all names and just refer to the classes by grade.  Gone is Rock Solid (preschool ministry) and their climbers, leapers, trekkers, sleepers, and whatnot.  Now it’s just nursery 1, nursery 2, preschool 1… (ten preschool classrooms if you can believe it- remember the number of churchgoers I mentioned above…?).  Likewise, the separate names for the K-3 and 4/5 ministries have been removed.  I’ll learn of whatever other changes they have in store in two weeks when we have are children’s ministry meeting.  What this change means is I may be the only one who has served in the complete run of Liferock.  The year I started doing kid’s drama at church they had a Friday night ministry for 4th and 5th grades which I did not serve in, but they called that Life on the Rock I just learned.  They didn’t change it to Liferock until the following year when they moved the program to the weekends, separating the K-5 ministry into the now current K-3 and 4/5 as referred to earlier.  Now that the name has been terminated, I have served from start to finish.  How many years was that?  Well, my nephew was in 4th grade at the time- he may have attended once or twice.  He is now the equivalent of 16th grade.  That’s right- a senior at a university.  That makes this, what?  My 12th year?  Yes, I started drama in 1998, so Liferock the following year.

A note to L & C- 4th and 5th grade are quite different from junior high, but it is a real joy to teach those grades and I am sure you will agree.  Not the handful younger grades are, but not adolescents pulling away from adult authority either.  A perfect age in my opinion.

Blah- 11:00, and I have to get up and drive to Chicago in the morning.  I detest driving over there.  30 minutes away in no traffic, so that means over an hour to get to where I need to be.  I really wish this job of mine didn’t do business in the City…