we did math spelling and history for reeses we raked and then for physics we did fast and ferios and back to the future and jaws.


we did math i learned pre aljibra i did my spelling and history we ate lunck and went to the park and then we learned about the physics of gotg and harry potter rides.


we did spelling math and history adn for outside we did rakeing leaves for history we learned about the costers that spin and pirets of the coribin.

no diney?

diney was sick so she could not do school we did cleaning then spelling we walked with mom for outside time we did math and history and for physics we learned about 4d costers!


i did math and history and spelling ofr reeses i did 4 sqeur i also helped bring boxs ti the car and i walked ginger for physics we learned about kingda ka

inside time

i did my spelling i did math and history and theni played inside for a bi then went outside to play and we learned about the bat coster for physics

baseball and 5 squre

i did my spelling and math i learned about a killer clown fir history i did basball and 4 squer with 5 people nd then i learned more about mavrick for physics!


we did fun with firends and then we cleaned we skipped spelling histery and math for outside time we did 4 squre and baseball and then we watch some coster physics!


we did a sermon and then we cleaned the living room and i did my spelling test and i got a 95% and then i did blooket for math and for history i learned about alot of people robing banks like after hour for 10 years and then i went outside to do catch then we did physics and then i did the dishs.