Slip N’ Slide

My bible verse was John 1:14, and the sermon jam was about worshipping God. For the worship song we did I Can Only Imagine.

For math we did pre algebra, and for programming we made more progress on our game. For recess we played on the Slip n Slide. For physics we did more RBLX studio physics.


For school today we had a changed schedule because we were babysitting. My bible verse was Psalms 3:3. The sermon jam was about how you shouldn’t forget about God.

For scripting we learned about parameters, and for physics we did ROBLOX studio force direction.

Audrey II

Sermon jam today was about Job, and the bible verse was Psalm 3:3. For Worship we did I can only imagine.

Then we had fun with friends and ate lunch. For physics we did Roblox Studio Mass, and linear force. I completed my Audrey II puppet today.

The Park

For heart prep the sermon jam was about not losing heart. For worship we did I am Redeemed, and my bible verse was Romans 12:10. Luke’s bible verse was Romans 12:9.

For reading I read The Lost World, and for math I did pre-algebra on Blooket. For scripting I fixed some scripts for me and Dad’s cow game. For recess we went to the park and walked the dog a little bit. For physics we learned how the JAWS ride, Krakatau, and The Simpsons Ride work.

Warm Day

For sermon jam we sung to I am Redeemed, and for sermon jam we learned how God is with us. My bible verse was Ephesians 4:29, and Luke’s was Psalm 63:3.

For the spelling test Luke got 55%. For math we did more pre-algebra on blooket, and Luke did better this time. For scripting me and Luke added more to our monkey game including climbing up walls. For recess we walked the dog, and it was really warm out. It felt like it was pretty much spring. For Physics we learned about The Rattler which was the world’s tallest wooden coaster.

We also got to babysit Meadow today.


Today for heart prep we listened to Joy, and the sermon jam was about hating sin and loving the sinner. My bible verse was Hebrews 4:12, and Luke’s was
Romans 7:24-25

For scripting we did more work on our game, and for math we did pre-algebra on Blooket. For recess we played in the Zorb, and for lunch I had wings. Mom cut our physics to walk the dog.


We went to fun with friends but they didn’t show up, so we went back home. For heart prep we sung to Joy and my bible verse was Romans 5:3-5.

After cleaning we had to go back to the time schedule so for lunch I had chicken nuggets. For recess we played outside in the zorb, and then for physics we saw a video on Son of Beast at Kings Island.

King of Kings

The sermon jam today was about how your life is not about you, but about god. My bible verse was Psalms 103:19. It read; The Lord established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all. For worship we sung to King of Kings by Hillsong Worship.

For math we did pre algebra, and learned some pre algebra vocabulary. For history we learned about how the English language got messed up by a war.

For lunch I had corndogs, and for recess me and Luke wrestled. For physics we learned about Rocky Mountain Construction, and how their projects work.

Blanket Fight

Today my bible verse was 1 Peter 4:8, and the worship song was I am Redeemed. The sermon jam was about Luke 15 and was by Noah Adams.

I left for occupational therapy, and when I came back it was time for PE. Me and Luke fought each other with blankets, and then for physics we learned about how the Ratatouille ride worked. For physics we also learned about roller coasters.

Occupational Therapy

Today my verse was Romans 8:18, and the worship song was Diamonds by Hawk Nelson. The sermon jam was by Leonard Ravenhill.

After heart prep I had to leave for my occupational therapy evaluation. For recess we walked ginger and went to the park, and for physics we learned about the omni mover system, hybrid coasters, and mission space.